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Two Steps at a Time Trailer

19 Feb

As the post production of Two Steps at a Time winds down, a premiere date has been set! On March 24th, at the Strand Cinema in Belfast, Two Steps at a Time will be screened as the main attraction for a PeacePlayers fundraiser.

Check out this sneak peak and stay tuned for more info.



Aoife Session 4 – How Do You Choose Your Friends?

6 Feb

This week, we catch up with Aoife  as dribbles, shoots, and discusses how she picks her friends in a divided society. In her fourth session with PeacePlayers, Aoife learns about the make up of the basketball court and perfects her dribbling technique. As part of the “community relations” portion of the session, Aoife and the members of her team discuss the kinds of people they would and would not want to be friends with.

Using Hoops to Tackle Diversity

18 Jan

This week, Darryl shows us how basketball can be used to discuss young peoples attitudes towards diversity in Northern Ireland.  In this clip, Darryl leads a mixed group of young people from  Catholic and Protestant communities in a first thoughts exercise, while showing them a thing or two about basketball along the way.

Keep in mind that Darryl himself hails from North Belfast, the area single handedly most affected by The Troubles and one still divided along religious lines.

The group is on a course offered through PeacePlayers International’s Leadership Development Programme.

William does Arbinger Training

9 Jan

Belfast is cold, but the light on the basketball court is shining bright.

This week, we check back in with William. As he wraps up his sessions as a coach in the Community Center Basketball League, William joins up with the Arbinger Institute.

The Arbinger Institute is a global consultancy firm that specializes in alternative methods of conflict resolution. Arbinger has joined into a partnership with PeacePlayers globally, working in enhancing basketball as a tool to develop attitudes towards conflict.

This week, we join William and the participants of PeacePlayers Community Centre League take part in a session of Arbinger Training.

Hoops for the Holidays

16 Dec

Seasons Greetings! This past week, the four participants of Two Steps at a Time came together to take part in a holiday basketball tournament called “Jingle Ball”. Amidst the atmosphere of 190 Catholic and Protestant children from divided communities all around Belfast, the tournament offered a full day of basketball, team building, and a great years end atmosphere.

Aoife, Ronny, William, and Darryl all took part in the day, with the latter two coaching the first two. Jingle Ball was awesome to experience and truly see the potential of basketball as a peace building tool in Northern Ireland.

Check out this video from Jingle Ball!


19 Nov

A few weeks ago, I introduced you guys to Ronny and Aoife. We had a small write up for both as well as a short video clip from one of Ronny’s sessions. This week, I would like to introduce Aoife and show a clip from her first “cross community” session with PeacePlayers. Aoife is a nine year old who attends St. Matthews primary school in the Short Strand area of Belfast. The Short Strand is a Catholic enclave in the predominantly Protestant East Belfast. Over the years, the Short Strand has been largely effected and defined in terms of the sectarian violence that has plagued the area, especially in the summer months. In this segment Aoife tells us a bit about herself, where she’s from, and her first experience in being on a team with Protestants.

In case you were wondering, Aoife is pronounced “E-Fah”.

Leadership Development with Darryl

11 Nov

This past week, filming for Two Steps at a Time picked up with the eldest of our participants, Darryl, embarking on the Leadership Development Programme (LDP). The Leadership Development Program is a program led by PeacePlayers in which 17-25 year olds from interface communities in Belfast have the opportunity to gain qualifications in youth and community work by going on weekend residential workshops as a group.

This year, Darryl is running the LDP. He is a Catholic from the Ardoyne area of North Belfast and former participant of the LDP himself. Darryl was able to use the skills he gained during his time as a participant to enhance his capability as a basketball coach and become a full-fledged LDP facilitator.

Darryl is a testament to the power that basketball and sport in general can have that extends far beyond the boundaries of the court.  Below is a short video about Darryl’s first session with this years LDP class.